Birth Certificate England

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An full English birth certificate issued before 1969 will be presented in the 'landscape' fashion, and supply the following information: the name and gender of the child, their date and place of birth. The father's name and surname, and mother's name, surname and maiden name are listed, along with the father's occupation.

The mother's maiden name was added to the births, marriages and deaths index (BMD) held by the GRO (General Register Office) from the September quarter of 1911.

The certificate should also state the district, sub-district and county where the event was registered. The date of registration will be noted, along the name and signature or mark of the informant (and their relationship to the child) and the name of the registrar.

Birth certificates issued after 1969 are presented in the 'portrait' fashion, and also include the parent's place of birth. The mother's occupation was included from 1984 onwards.

An birth which takes place in England must be registered within six weeks (42 days) after mandatory registration of births in the birth registry was made passed in 1864. Either parent can register the birth provided that the parents are married to each other. both names will then appear on the birth certificate.

If at the time of birth the parents were not married, then both parents must attend the register office to ensure that the father's details will appear on the birth entry and on the birth certificate.

If the father of the child wishes for his name to be on the certificate, but is unable to attend, he must make a statuory declaration which must then be taken to the register office by the mother.

On attendance, the information mentioned above should be supplied.

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