Birth Records

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Birth records are part of the records of births, marriages and deaths, which are often collectively known as vital records.

The cost of any certificate produced includes a search of the birth records. We search a year either side of the date provided. For example for an order for a birth certificate in 1915, a search will be carried out between 1914-1916.

If we are unable to locate a birth record which is dated before 1900, then we will inform you of this and issue you with a full refund. If the record is dated after 1900, we will place an order with the ONS, GRO, or relevant governmental register office, who will also place a search of their records. If they are unable to locate a record, we will inform you and issue you with a refund.

As we will provide as complete a service as possible and commit to the searches listed above. As such, this requires that the information be as accurate as possible, so that we can ensure a correct match and also avoid delays where further searches may be necessary.

It was the responsibility of the registrant at the time of birth to ensure that the birth records were completed and entered with accurate information. However, this cannot always be guaranteed, for reasons such as illiteracy on the registrants part, and errors of transcription on the registrar's part.

There is no issue with ourselves acting as agent on your behalf, and so no declaration on your part authorising that we are acting for you is required. All that is required is the information requested on the form and payment, and a name and address is required so that the certificate can be sent to the correct person.

We do not require your signature, nor is any ID required to process a birth certificate request.

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