Birth Register

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For a couple wishing to register a birth in England and Wales, the birth should be registered within six weeks (42 days), and the following information is required to be supplied:

The full name of the baby, their place of birth and date of birth and gender.
(if the baby is one of multiple births (twins and triplets generally) then the time of birth is also required for each baby.

The full names of the parents, (maiden name of mother if applicable) their birth places, and occupations.

The NHS number the baby was issued with.

The registrar at the register office should have already been notified by the District Health Authority of the birth. The District Medical Officer of Health is required to be informed within 36 hours of the birth, who is usually informed by a medical member of staff who was present at the birth.

In most cases, the parents should register the birth themselves in person, but if this is not possible, then someone who was either present at the birth or who has responsibility for the child can also register the birth.

It is also required to register a still-born baby, within the same time restraint of 42 days.

It is required also that the parents should record the details. If at the time of the still-birth, the parents were married to each other, then either parent can register.

The following certificates will be issued after registration.

Certificate of registration, confirming the registration of the still-birth.

Still-birth certificate. Some register offices may not automatically issue a certificate, but it will be available to be bought, but can only be obtained by the parents.

Certificate for burial or cremation. This certificate is usually forwarded to the relevant funeral director. Registration has to occur before this certificate can be issued.

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