British Birth Certificate

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A British birth certificate is that which falls within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and consists of the countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

A British birth certificate does not have a category of 'genealogy certificate'. Instead it has a small or short certificate, and a full or long certificate. For family historians, the full certificate is the best option, as it contains more relevant genealogical information.

If a British birth certificate is to be used to apply for a British Passport for the first time, then the certificate should have been originally issued no longer than three months from the time of birth.

There are different requirements to applying for your first British passport according to whether you were born in or outside the UK, and whether your birth was before or after January 1st, 1983.

For applicants born outside the UK and

Born before 1st January 1983:
Your original birth certificate, along your father's full British (UK) birth certificate and also his marriage certificate. If you have a copy of your original consular birth certificate, then this should be included instead.

Born after 1st January 1983
Full foreign birth certificate, and either your father's full British (UK) birth certificate and his marriage certificate, or your mother's full British (UK) birth certificate.

For applicants born inside the UK and

Born before 1st January 1983
Your full British (UK) birth certificate.

Born after 1st January 1983
Your full British (UK) birth certificate, and the full birth certificate of the relevant parent. You do not require to include your parents marriage certificate if you are including both parents or your mothers certificate, but if you are only sending your fathers certificate, the marriage certificate is required.

Please confirm all the above information with your relevant British Embassy.

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