English Birth Certificate

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A certificate which has not been issued in English may need to be legally translated into English for it to be recognised. In the case of a US Marriage Visa, such as the I-485, then certification such as a birth certificate, or another suitable record of the event of a birth, will be required to be translated, and a certified copy produced.

The documentation must have the translator's statement that they personally certify that 'the above information is a true, complete, and accurate translation of the attached original document'

If the certificate cannot be obtained, then a Non Availability Certificate should be obtained which states the non-existence of the document. This should be issued by the relevant Governmental department.

Birth certificates are often required for applications of an official nature, such as Passport, obtaining a Drivers License, enrolment in school or college, to purchase property and to obtain a state pension.

For English certificates which are noted in the BMD index, the parents names are not listed until 1911. After 1911, the surname of the mother is given.

Certificates cannot be previewed by ourselves before they are purchased. Because of this, the information on the certificate cannot be confirmed by ourselves before we place an order with the relevant register office.

Some of the information we cannot verify includes the date, place, or names of spouse. However, if this information is already available at the time of ordering, then checks can be made against specific details, such the mother's or father's name on a birth certificate.

On a marriage certificate, checks against the spouse's name can be made along with the father's name of the registrants. On a death certificate, checks against the age of the person at death, the occupation of the deceased, and also a specific date if known.

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