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Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Closed Register's Districts

District Sub-District GRO Closed
Clerkenwell Register Amwell; Goswell Street; Pentonville; St. James (London) III, 1b 1869
Cleveland Registers Eston; Redcar; Guisborough & Stokesely; Stokesley; Thornaby; Thornaby & Stokesley (Yorkshire North Riding) 9d, 1B 1974
Clifton Registrars Ashley; Clifton; St George; St Phillip and Jacob; Stapleton; Westbury XI, 6a 1877
Clitheroe Registry Chipping; Clitheroe; Gisbury; Slaidburne; Whalley. (Lancashire) XXI, 8e 1974