Terms and Conditions

BMD-Certificates offers a professional search and supply service for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates.

As our searches are based upon information provided by you, we cannot accept responsibility for any false or incorrect or incomplete information supplied.

The price of any requested certificate consists of two main parts; the cost of the certificate itself, and the administration cost of the application, chiefly it's Processing, Searching, Procuring and Delivering.

If we are unable to identify the certificate based on the information provided, we may retain a processing and search fee, and refund you the balance.

Items are dispatched through the domestic postal system to the addresses requested on the order. Despatch terms quoted are given in good faith. The given despatch time is based on working days, and are counted from the first complete working day onwards, and is deemed to commence following the processing time post receipt of order.

Processing time is up to 24 hours, resulting in an order received, for example on Monday at 1:00pm would be deemed to have been processed Tuesday at 12:59pm.

Delivery is deemed to have been effected at the point of dispatch and no liability can be accepted for non delivery or delay of delivery. However, we will endeavour to ensure items reach the customer, and at our discretion will issue additional certificates at no extra charge to the customer.

There is no facility to cancel or amend an order once it has been placed. Orders feed directly into our production process, leaving us unable to stop the system. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The following directive relates to the exception to the right to cancel: Regulation 13 (1) (a) "For the supply of services if the supplier has given correct information and the performance of the contract has begun with the consumers agreement before the end of the cancellation period."

Your contract with us is deemed to commence at the point of order, and as such the above regulation applies and BMD-Certificates do not offer the right to cancel once the order has been made.

We cannot be held responsibile nor liable for any event which results from either the delay or the non delivery of a certificate. Customers must be aware that items can sometimes be delayed or lost in despatch.

Commemorative certificates, though full and official, are issued only for memorabilia purposes only.

Commemorative birth certificates are for the person's birth name, as opposed to their recognise name. For example, Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, and his birth certificate would reflect that.

Late despatch is defined as being at least one complete working day after the defined period. So an express certificate is only defined late if not despatched within two working days, a swift certificate is only defined late if not despatched within six working days, and a standard certificate is only defined late if not despatched within sixteen working days.

The refund scale is defined as follows:

for Express certificates, once it has been defined as being late, it will be refunded to reach the price of a swift certificate.

For Swift certificates, once it has been defined as being late, it will be refunded to reach the price of a standard certificate.

For Standard certificates, once it has been defined as being late, it will be refunded to reach the price of £15.

Please note that this covers the despatch, as opposed to delivery. Any claims can only be begun once the document has been received, and for a refund to be actioned, a claim must be accompanied by a physical copy of the envelope which the item was despatched in with the date of despatch.

Without such material, no refund can be issued.

Any certificates which fail to reach the customer completely are classed as lost in despatch, and may be reiussed without any further charge to the customer, will not fall under lateness, since the original certificate has been superseded by the replacement.

We cannot be liable for issues beyond our control, such as postal strikes by the Royal Mail. Delivery dates are never confirmed by ourselves, only the dates of dispatch.

All liability on orders placed (including, but not restricted to, Items lost in post, replacement orders, errors and refunds) is confined to within six months from the date of purchase. After this time all order details are liable to deletion, to ensure customer privacy.